20 built-in channels

Remote control via smartphone

Channel looping

Livebox PRO

All-in-one design.Live broadcasting

BlueEyes’s new generation Livebox PRO integrates seamlessly with SES Ultimate. Livebox provides live broadcasting with Full HD picture quality so that text and character are sharp and clear.

Livebox PRO allows you to run iCam Live directly without having to install software on your PC. This dedicated machine is easy to use, stable, and long lasting. Starts in second and shows you full HD real time video. Connects directly to projectors or big screen TVs.

  • Solve sitting and multiple location limitations
  • Integrates seamlessly with iCam PRO and SES
  • Full HD 1080P
  • HDMI out interface
  • 20 built-in channels
  • Compatible with iFollow (Automatic teacher tracking)
  • Customized channel looping function
  • Boots in seconds and maintenance-free

Supports up to 20 live streaming channels

Channel looping

Remote control via smartphone

Tight integration with iLearning system

Boots in seconds

Crystal clear picture quality

Highly stable operation

Compatible with iFollow (Automatic teacher tracking/multiple cameras)

Unlimited knowledge sharing for different places

Wi-Fi transfer and hotspot

Multiple classroom applications

HDMI connectors

Quotation System