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Always on schedule

Both PC and Android versions available

SCT is not only install at PC, but Android devices.

SCT compliments the SES system by giving users freedom to control settings from anywhere, including the classroom. SCT not only installs on PCs, but also Android devices. SCT seamless integration with SES, enables SCT to control recording schedules and know the recording status.

SCT features built-in password protection preventing unauthorized user login. Complete account information is required to login to SCT. Through the SES settings on SCT, users can control individual cameras or modify iFollow recording schedules.

SCT effortless solves classroom recording and scheduling problems.

    PC version

    • Easily control SES recordings
    • Supports up to 17 PCs
    • Auto sync recording status
    • Customizable account permissions
    • Password protection
    • Convenient tag presets
    • iFollow technology support
    • Supports Microsoft Windows 7/8/10

    Android version

    • Manage up to 5 SES workstations
    • Supports 17 mobile devices
    • Auto sync recording status
    • Customizable account permissions
    • Retrieve detailed file properties
    • Convenient tag presets
    • Customized timetable
    • Smart reminders for ending time and disconnection
    • SES status check
    • Quick QR code setup
    • Supports Android mobile devices
    • Download from Google play

PC or App, you decide

Recording control

Recording time set

User friendly interface

Set useful keywords easily

Ending reminders

SCT PC Version - Requirement of hardware and OS

  • This product is software only and does not include hardware. Hardware sold separately
  • The efficiency might be different due to hardware specifications. Contact us for details.
  • Works with Microsoft Windows 7/8/10 32/64-bit OS

Work with Android device

SCT integrates seamlessly with SES

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