Super simple user interface

Advanced copyright protection

Luxury learning environment with high CP value


Excellent learning environment with low initial set up cost

Provide your student with a classroom of the future. No viruses, no expensive technician, no unnecessary staff, and no annoying computer crashes. Our STB solution helps you achieve all of this and more.

  • Privacy protection prevents data theft
  • Zoom in / out functionality
  • Intuitive remote control for each student
  • HDMI picture quality
  • DSP hardware decoder
  • Multiple-second jump and chapter selection presets
  • Segment repeat functionality for video playback
  • Advanced slow motion playback controls

User friendly remote control

Privacy protection prevents data theft

Superb value and affordable price

AV signal supports

HDMI port connections

Precise video control makes reviewing a breeze

Easily review with looped playback keypoint

DSP hardware decoder

Energy saving and environment protection

IR and Wired Remote Control

Zoom in / out for great viewing experience

Precise pause and play control

Optional product for STB

Remote Control for Student

Remote Control for Teacher

Quotation System