Brand new editing process

Automatic iFollow mixing

Automatic uploading to 5 platforms


Automatic iFollow mixing

iFS is designed for the customer who has iFollow in their project. iFollow means that multiple cameras are recording at the same time. iFS is able to mix multiple iFollow videos into one video. The automatic target of iFS is to automate every step.

No matter how many iCam and SES that you have, iFS can deal with it effortlessly. With only one iFS, you can edit unlimited video feeds. And upload them to as many as 5 locations. Could include FL, MTS, LOL, NAS, or FTP…etc.

  • Built in Montage software
  • Auto editing for iFollow videos
  • Upload videos automatically
  • Set upload destination
  • Automatic Filling Mechanism (AFM)
  • Auto overwrite

Fully automatic editing

Automatic iFollow mixing

Upload videos to five stations automatically


Built in Montage software

Automatic Filling Mechanism (AFM)

Auto overwrite

Consistent recording and uploading process

Performance monitoring and status notification

Quotation System