Teacher tracking

Analyze students’ action

Customized detection areas

Image analysis and tracking software for iFollow

Compatible with Windows PC.Tracks teacher’s position and analyzes students’ action

  • Automatic tracking of teacher’s position with multiple iFollow cameras
  • Automatic tracking of student when they stand up
  • Supports 6 image analysis cameras and 10 SES lecture recording systems
  • Customized detection areas(ROI)
  • One image analysis camera supports 32 teacher ROIs and 64 student ROIs
  • Auto run capability with Windows 8/10
  • Adjustable sensitivity for different recording situations
  • Automatic detection even with two people
  • Automatic speaker/participant recogntion
  • ROI status monitoring
  • Customizable trigger delay
  • Schedulable unique ROI for each classroom situation

Teacher tracking

Students’ identification

Customized detection areas

Supports 6 image analysis cameras

Detection Sensitivity

Automatic speaker identification

Intuitive speaker identification

Customizable trigger delay

32 teacher ROIs / 64 student ROIs

Easy ROI adjustment

Schedulable ROI

Windows 10 Ready

Requirement of hardware and OS

  • This product is software only and does not include hardware. Hardware sold separately.
  • The efficiency might be different due to hardware specifications. Contact us for details.
  • Works with Microsoft Windows 8/10 64-bit OS
  • Recommend PC spec:
    • 1). CPU: Intel Core i7
    • 2). Memory: 16GB RAM
    • 3). HDD: SATA III 500GB
    • 4). OS: Microsoft Windows 8/10 64-bit
    • 5). Monitor: 1920x1080pixel

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